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How Students Prepare for Finals and Exams


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It’s the end of the school year at Oak Park, and things are wrapping up, and that’s including academics. Students are stressing about exams and finals and rushing to improve grades at the last minute, studying, and going the extra mile to get ready for important tests.

Freshman Molly Mcadams has begun reviewing for her AP Human Geography test and final by avidly studying.

“I’m using the review our teacher gave us and I’m also going through the text book and old assignments to try to remember the old stuff we learned.” She said. “I’m kind of worried about the test and the final, but I think I’ll do okay as long as I study enough in the next couple of weeks.”

Similarly, freshman Anakin Batres is preparing for his Algebra II EOC (End Of Course assessment) and his AP Human Geography final.

“I haven’t studied much for the EOC, but I think I’ll do alright.” He said. “For the AP, um… I definitely feel like I’m unprepared and I’m kind of worried. I’ve been studying the review.”

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