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How to: Make a yearbook

Mina Buchholz, Log staff

  This year’s Cambia yearbook has recently arrived. Every year, the Cambia staff works hard from summer to spring to bring us a yearbook more than 200 pages...

May 22, 20171 Comment

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Puppy Play Day

Puppy Play Day

Hullale Khizirpour

On Tuesday the Oak Park Volleyball team hosted an all-day event called Puppy Play Day for students in the FACS courtyard. This event helped raise money for the KC Pet Project...

May 18, 2017No Comments

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Addams Family Auditions

Malea Biswell, writer

The school year is in full swing as the musical, The Addams Family, has just been cast. This year auditions were a little bit different because there is a new theatre teacher.   Monday,...

September 6, 2017

Passenger Review

May 18, 2017 Review

May 18, 2017

No one knows Everything

May 17, 2017

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Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime

Monday August 21st brought excitement as students experienced the rare total solar eclipse in Kansas City, MO.  A total solar eclipse is when the moon is between the Earth...

August 22, 2017No Comments

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Not in Our House

Not in Our House

Mackenzie Powell, writer and photographer

On Friday September 8th, our Boys in Blue brought home a win as they faced the North Kansas City Hornets in our backyard. With our home turf under the team’s toes, the ...

September 11, 2017

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