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‘Bones’ is Better than ‘Criminal Minds’

Fox television released the television show “Bones” in 2005 and it has aired ever since. It is a 12-season long show about an FBI agent and a forensic anthropologist (a person who studies bones) who work together to catch murderers.

It is often compared to its popular neighbor “Criminal Minds,” a show about FBI agents/profilers who catch serial killers. The main thing they have in common is the murderers are always elaborate, they aren’t just regular people. Past that, the shows don’t have much in common besides relating to crime.

Kaya Moore

“Bones” can be very technical and scientifically accurate when it comes to the terms they use while educating the audience about what exactly forensic anthropologists are, having some drama on the side.

CM is more about the people within the bureau, and they just happen to solve extremely rare and unique cases. I think CM is focused more on storytelling and drama compared to “Bones.”

The casts can make or break a show. People tend to watch shows more often when there’s a familiar or attractive lead role. The audience can find comfort in characters over time and some feel like they know the characters personally creating a bond with the show.

Knowing this, CM changed its main cast halfway through the 15-season show. From the start of season one to the end of season 15 there were three main characters dropped and five other main characters who had been acting on and off the show for a couple seasons. They managed to keep one member of the original seven people. The other six moved on to better opportunities and their roles were never truly filled.

“Bones” however took its main cast, around five people and kept them through all 12 seasons. To add to this and create some change the show started introducing interns and those actors and actresses were often changed, totaling six overall. By doing this, the audience got something new to follow but there was also the comfort of knowing the other characters. I think the way “Bones” did this it kept the show current and entertaining without sparking the anger of killing off or removing characters.

These shows are similar when it comes to how they planned the seasons and story lines. Each episode has a different case, sometimes two episodes long, but there’s also a bigger case that happens about every ten or so episodes. This makes the audience antsy about how the story may end which keeps them coming back season after season.

Both shows also air on cable tv on multiple different channels. These channels tend to play CM episodes from season ten and later. This sparks problems with people who haven’t watched all the show and don’t know the new cast. Their roles within the show are unknown, but with “Bones,” the cast is always recognized. Despite the tv also playing the later seasons of Bones it doesn’t matter as much because the people are the same. You don’t have to worry about who’s dating who because the show has been expanding on the same relationships the whole time. With CM, they bring in so many people and have so much relationship drama that it can be hard to catch up if you just watch it on cable tv.

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    Bobbie ShepherdJun 12, 2024 at 3:34 pm

    I started out watching criminal minds but when they started constantly dropping some of the best characters I pretty much stopped watching it it just became a dark drama. Bones on the other hand has always kept it entertaining has kept the main same characters so you don’t feel lost and you can pick up watching the show even if you’ve missed some it’s very educational and fun to watch.