Northmen News

What Makes the Holidays Special?

Claire Heller, J1 Reporter

December 14, 2019

With the holidays right around the corner, winter break quickly approaches. Everybody decides to spend their time away in different ways, whether its staying at home or going on vacation. Winter break is a time to be able to spend ...

Here we go again!: Review

Here we go again!: Review

Ivonee Morales-Mejia, Copy Editor

December 1, 2019

Day6 Album Review

Day6 Album Review

Luka Ashton, staffer

November 15, 2019

Pommies prepare for competitions

Claire Heller, Journalism 1 reporter

November 4, 2019

  5, 6, 7, 8. As the music starts to play, the Pommies prepare for the upcoming competition season. Practicing from 3 to 5 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the team looks forward to creating new memories.  Wit...

And The Band Marched On      

Elayna Rodriguez, J1 Reporter

October 31, 2019

Taking each breath, the Marching Northmen take pride every step along the way in this year’s show, “Fortune Teller.” Their dedication to music and friends is shown every time they take the field.  The endless hours of work put in ...

Spotlight on Backstage; Mamma Mia!

Hannah Butts, J1 Reporter

October 31, 2019

Lights up. Sound and lights prep for their first cue. The set and props intricately designed and placed. Each cast member wears their designated costume along with specific stage makeup. This is the finished product of what the...

Fun at the farm

Fun at the farm

Kayleonah Trumble, staffer

October 26, 2019

Floating in to theaters

Floating in to theaters

Lindsey Dunaway, Editor in Chief

October 21, 2019

Mamma Mia, here we go again

Ivonee Morales-Mejia, Copy Editor and Ivy Byers, J1Broadcast Rookie Reporter

October 15, 2019

After the success of the 2018 fall musical “In the Heights,” Oak Park High School theatre sets the stage for the 2019 fall musical. Making its debut on Broadway in 1999 to the big screens in 2008, “Mamma Mia” was chosen. “I c...

Living with bad knees

Emily Byrum, Photo Editor

September 28, 2019

It all started last year. In October I had a minor knee surgery just to find out I would need a more invasive one later on, we just didn’t know how much later. I was put on the transplant list for an Osteochondral Allograft...