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“Tammy: The Coming Of Age Story About a Girl Who Is Part T-REX” review

Hannah Butts, writer

March 10, 2020

From the moment “Tammy” was announced at the theatre banquet last year, I was excited to see the Theatre 3/4 class’ take on a children’s show. It was something you hadn’t seen before at Oak Park, which meant it could ...

Please Don’t Stop the Music

Kelsey Abunga, writer

February 21, 2020

Show Choir combinesis a performance group combining choral singing with choreographed dancing. While one might view choir simply as singing religious songs, show choir combines many different elements and can be thematic as well.  ...

Class Pets Hop Around

Ivonee Morales-Mejia and Luka Ashton, copy editor and writer

February 1, 2020

Small mammals to scaly reptiles, some teachers have decided to keep small animals in the classroom as a “class pet.” As of right now, only three  teachers have class pets, social studies teacher Kelsey Mayabb, resource room pa...

What Makes the Holidays Special?

Claire Heller, J1 Reporter

December 14, 2019

With the holidays right around the corner, winter break quickly approaches. Everybody decides to spend their time away in different ways, whether its staying at home or going on vacation. Winter break is a time to be able to spend ...

Here we go again!: Review

Here we go again!: Review

Ivonee Morales-Mejia, Copy Editor

December 1, 2019

Day6 Album Review

Day6 Album Review

Luka Ashton, staffer

November 15, 2019