Northmen News

Adjusting to the System

Luka Ashton, Staffer

September 28, 2019

Oak Park High School has offered online classes for years through eCampus, students working with a more lenient pace and on their own in various different classes. This year, however, there has been a change to that. A new on...

Missouri’s “Heartbeat” Bill brings up discussions

Ivonee Morales Mejia, reporter

May 17, 2019

The topic of abortion has been a heavily debated topic for years, people either fall in the side of pro-life [people against abortion] and pro-choice [people who support abortion]. This week, Missouri changed laws governing abortions. “Women...

Theater earns 11 Blue Star nominations

May 2, 2019

OPHS Theatre earns received 11 Blue Star nominations. ThePresident and CEO of Starlight came to present the nomination banners himself this morning. Nominations are as follows: Technical Achievement Award: Kaleighan Chastai...

McSparin earns administration degree

Caitlin Anderson, photographer

May 1, 2019

While many students have had many achievements, we can’t forget about the teachers. Namely, physics teacher Tyler McSparin, who has recently achieved his administration certification online through Arkansas State to achieve...

Striving for excellence

Lindsey Dunaway, writer

May 1, 2019

As the school year comes to an end, students start rushing around to finish their missing work, fix their grades, and study for EOCs. "I’m most nervous for being tested over anything we learned at the beginning of the year,...

Events Celebrate Seniors

Events Celebrate Seniors

Kayelyn Logan, photo editor

April 29, 2019

A Change of Course

A Change of Course

April 26, 2019

Science skits earn Mr. and Miss OP crowns

Leah Beatty, photographer

April 24, 2019

On Thursday, April 18, Oak Park hosted Mr. and Ms. OP. Seniors Keiman McCoy and Hannah Rogers representing N2 Sports Marketing, SeniorsZach Ropka and Ola Thabit representing Science Olympiad, and SeniorsKayelyn Logan and Ti...

The Road to Nationals paved for five

The Road to Nationals paved for five

Mackenzie Powell, Photographer, Writer

March 29, 2019