Northmen News

Candidates say they are ready for office

Hannah Butts, writer

February 17, 2020

Red, white and blue? More like blue, blue and blue when it comes to student body election season. Candidates run campaigns in hopes of winning, and students weigh out their options. With all the excellent potential officers, i...

Pommies prepare for competitions

Claire Heller, Journalism 1 reporter

November 4, 2019

  5, 6, 7, 8. As the music starts to play, the Pommies prepare for the upcoming competition season. Practicing from 3 to 5 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the team looks forward to creating new memories.  Wit...

And The Band Marched On      

Elayna Rodriguez, J1 Reporter

October 31, 2019

Taking each breath, the Marching Northmen take pride every step along the way in this year’s show, “Fortune Teller.” Their dedication to music and friends is shown every time they take the field.  The endless hours of work put in ...

Administration looks to improve based on survey

October 25, 2019

On Monday, Sept. 30, all students were emailed a link to three Panorama surveys based around your school experience and student’s possible struggles. “It’s something that’s we’re doing district-wide, kids third through...

District plans new central preschool in crafts and grocery stores

Lillian Goss, J1 Reporter

October 25, 2019

For several years now, the North Kansas City School District has had a capacity issue at Pleasant Valley and other preschool locations. This location is home to the Childhood Special Education program with only nine classrooms. An...

Adjusting to the System

Luka Ashton, Staffer

September 28, 2019

Oak Park High School has offered online classes for years through eCampus, students working with a more lenient pace and on their own in various different classes. This year, however, there has been a change to that. A new on...