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Students and Spectators Lockdown, Evacuate Following Shooting at NKCHS 

UPDATE 3-4-24 9:55 AM

In an update on Sunday, NKC police confirmed that the two victims, one a juvenile NKCHS student and the other an adult, both sustained serious injuries in the shooting, but are in stable condition at NKC Hospital.

The NKC police do not have any suspects in custody at this time, and have not provided information on the motive for the shooting.

Districtwide, the high schools offered students support through the school counselors and additional community services if needed.


ORIGINAL 3-2-24 7:01 PM

Late today, North Kansas City High School went into lockdown after shots were fired near the end of the Staley vs. Northtown basketball game. The North Kansas City School District released an email shortly after the shooting clarifying some of the specifics of the shooting. 

According to the district, the shooting took place on the east side of the building and multiple people were hit. 

“At this point, 2-3 potential victims are being provided medical assistance,” said the district in its email to families.

The NKC police department confirmed there were two victims, one juvenile and one adult.

OP junior Truman Camarda was competing in a state-qualifying debate tournament while the shooting and ensuing lockdown took place, and gave his account of the events.

Camarda said the debate tournament was winding down when a large group of people who had been mingling outside came in yelling about a shooter. 

“I just like picked up all my stuff I had, put my backpack on and just like, literally took my ballots because I was frantic,” Camarda said.  “I ran down this little hallway that was right next to where we were in, turned left and entered the first classroom with an open door and then I closed it.” 

Camarda hid by himself in the classroom for a short time, before deciding to regroup with his debate team. He was ushered into a classroom where debaters, coaches, and spectators were all taking shelter. 

Camarda said the group took shelter for about 10 minutes before being escorted out of the building to the north side of the football fields. Then, people were allowed to leave through the neighborhood. 

Camarda was able to find his car and leave, but many weren’t so lucky.

“There are still definitely people stuck there,” Camarda said. “People’s stuff have been left there. Because if you leave it, you can’t re-enter the building. And so I mean, there have been people that have less than, or like, car keys and house keys and computers in there, and they’re just trapped there for the foreseeable future.”

In addition, some people’s cars are inside the area the police taped off.

NKC police ask that anyone with information, photos, or video of the Northtown event contact the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

This shooting was the second incident involving a firearm at a NKCSD event this school year, the first being the incident at the Winnetonka football jamboree, where a gun was pulled following a fight that had broken out. 


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