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The Story Of Jon Clog

The Story Of Jon Clog

Sophy Marks, staffer January 31, 2024

  (1) Nothing can compare to clogging without a care0 to clog is to live     (2) Apples are okay my clogs won't lead me astray the fruit of my soul         (3) I...

The pawn story.

Evan Sunderland, Journalism 1 reporter May 11, 2023

I am a pawn, one of the smallest and seemingly insignificant pieces on the chessboard. But as the game begins, I know that my role is crucial to the success of my team. As I stand at the front of my...

“Little Miss Identity Crisis”

NorthmenNews staff May 10, 2023

Little miss. I need reassurance. Little miss why doesn't anyone love me. Little miss. I can't trust myself. Little miss insecure. Little miss can't be loved. Little miss hopeless romantic. Little...

Unable to Enjoy the Fun

Samiya Blackwell, sophomore February 16, 2023

I went on a run in the damp fog, On my second lap ‘round, pet a dog. I entered home zealous To find my dog jealous. My happy dog now a bump on a log.

Do We Enjoy or Fear the Rain?

Samiya Blackwell, sophomore January 15, 2023

When it rains A calm, dreary rain  It makes you feel that All is going to be fine. When it rains an aggressive thunderstorm, With severe strikes of lightning and Boisterous thunder occurring...


Elizabeth Hargrave, sophomore December 14, 2022

Happiness is a door, A door that hides the pain and sadness, The sadness that the only way to cope is music, Music that tells us to be true to ourselves, Music that tells us that everything...

The home that I call my mind.

Samiya Blackwell, sophomore December 14, 2022

The home that I call my mind. It’s cloudy, I cannot maneuver through this heavy fog. Something feels cemented in my throat, Making it severely difficult to breathe. Deep breaths aren’t...

Welcome to the newest addition to the NorthmenNews family

Welcome to the newest addition to the NorthmenNews family

December 14, 2022

In the fall of 2022, NorthmenNews staff chose to add a Literary Magazine section to the website. Students, any student, may scan a QR code and submit creative efforts like poetry, art,...

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