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Preparing for finals, stresses freshmen

Haydenn Gallagher, Journalism 1 reporter

December 11, 2018

Finals are almost here. There are practice problems being given out by teachers, reviews being gone over, and lots of students getting stressed. There are going to be multiple forms of questions on for finals, including multiple...

How Students Prepare for Finals and Exams

Maryrosaleen Fenlon, Journalism 1 reporter

May 9, 2018

  It’s the end of the school year at Oak Park, and things are wrapping up, and that’s including academics. Students are stressing about exams and finals and rushing to improve grades at the last minute, studying, an...

Clamoring for Cake

Clamoring for Cake

April 21, 2017

Tips For Finals

Brett Felten

December 15, 2016

With finals coming up I’m sure everyone at Oak Park is a little stressed. For your sake instead of staying up late and studying you may want to start studying earlier and get some sleep. Eight hours a night is recommended...

5 Tips to Passing Your Finals

Lilian Sample, Axe staffer

December 4, 2016

Finals are just around the corner. There are several things you can do to prepare yourself for success. While studying for finals is the worst, there are ways to alleviate that pain. Here are 5 tips you can take to start...

10 ways to relieve stress in five minutes

Courtney Campbell, Reporter

May 8, 2015

Finals week is definitely stressful but there are lots of ways you can counter that stress! You could always resort to comfort food or taking a run but there are more creative things that you can use in five minutes or less to...