Preparing for finals, stresses freshmen

Haydenn Gallagher, Journalism 1 reporter

Finals are almost here. There are practice problems being given out by teachers, reviews being gone over, and lots of students getting stressed.

There are going to be multiple forms of questions on for finals, including multiple choice, written essays, and fill-in-the-blank. Many freshmen stress about taking this test because they have never taken a final before.

Freshman Kaylee Trumble will prepare by re-reading and clarifying questions she has.

“I will also sleep and eat food,” she said.

It’s important to make sure you eat right and sleep well, so you can focus on the test.

“I’m studying the subjects I have questions on for an hour every night and for the subjects I’m confident in I’ll study for 30 minutes,” said freshman Elizabeth Jenkins.

Some teachers give their final in the form of a project. Some students stress about not getting it done because they can only work on it at school, but others are sure they will make it by the due date.

“Yes, I have a project and I can only do it in my PLTW class. We haven’t started them yet, but I think I will have enough time to get it done.,” said freshman Halena Aquino.