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Clamoring for Cake

Mina Buchholz, Writer and Photographer

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Over the past few weeks, posters and signs have been popping up for an Oak Park ‘Cake Day,’ an event that some sophomores have organized so that everyone can have a sweet treat before finals begin.


“I was on Pinterest and I saw somebody did something like [Cake Day] and I thought, ‘you know that would be cool if we did that!’ And I was in AR and my friends were like ‘Yeah, let’s do it!” So we did it,” said sophomore Clara Hommon. She was the person who led the way in creating and organizing Cake Day.


The day required a lot of organizing from its creators. First, they needed to discuss what the idea would entail.


“We met in the library. It was me, Ola [Thabit] and Clara [Hommon]. We were talking about what we needed, who we needed to meet with, what we needed to discuss,” said sophomore Calvin Lampkin, who also helped in organizing the Cake Day.


Then they had to discuss details and work things out with the administration.


“First we had to set a date. After we got some of the bigger details worked out we had to go down to the office… With the cake-bringing and food to school [it has] to be store-bought. So we had to check with the principals to make sure that we could have the date, that we could have the Auxiliary gym, that we could get food,” Hommon said.


As AR began, a massive crowd began to head down to the Auxiliary gym. Since only some of the organizers brought cake, and no one else, the cake ran out extremely quickly. Students were pushing through the crowd just to get a bite, and after the cake was out, some students began to pick up crumbs off the dishes with their fingers.


“I thought it was great! I was kind of rude… I went around the crowd to the front and just grabbed a piece of cake with my hand. No plate, no fork,” said sophomore Emily Hildebrand, one of the recipients of cake.


Although the Cake Day was fun and a great idea, some students unfortunately went away disappointed, because the cake didn’t last very long.


“We thought it would be a little more organized, but it did not turn out that way at all,” said Lampkin. “Next year we will definitely get more people, and bring more [cake]. A lot more cake.”

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