Ranking the Top 10 Star Wars Movies and Shows 

The Star Wars franchise has many movies and shows but these 10 are my personal favorites.

10. “Star Wars the Force Awakens”

“Star Wars the Force Awakens” was a good start to a new sequel trilogy. The force awakens takes place 30 years after the return of the Jedi it introduces us to new characters like Rey and Finn. As they battle against the new evil threat in the first order and Kylo Ren. Unfortunately, after a good start the force awakens was not followed by very good movies. 

9. “Star Wars Rebels”

After the very popular “Star Wars the Clone Wars” was surprisingly canceled, Rebels was a good replacement in an animated tv show. It followed Ezra Bridger and a group of people called the ghost crew as they battled against the Empire to stop tyrannical rule. I think the show does a good job at showing how people are affected by the Empire and why they want to stop it.

8. “The Mandalorian”

“The Mandalorian” was the first live action show in Disney’s new Star Wars and a very good one. The show follows Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter and Grogu, a young member of the same species as Yoda.

In the far reaches of the galaxy far from the New Republic. This show has a great range of different journeys that Din and Grogu must go through, exciting ones to nerve racking. 

7. “Star Wars the Phantom Menace”

The “Phantom Menace” was the first Star Wars movie since “Return of the Jedi” in 1983 and a solid start to a new prequel trilogy. It follows Jedi Qui-gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi as they find a young slave named Anakin Skywalker, who they believe is the “chosen one” and their fight against the infamous villain Darth Maul. The movie has great action scenes in duels that are vastly different from the original trilogy. 

6. “Star Wars Attack of the Clones”

“Attack of the Clones” was the second movie in the prequel trilogy. Set 10 years after the phantom menace, it shows the separatist alliance a new threat to the New Republic leading the separatist is Count Dooku, once a Jedi who has left the order and is now going against the Republic. The movie was a great catalyst in introducing the clone wars that would branch off into a tv show showing what would happen in between this movie and the next.

5. “Star Wars a New Hope”

The first ever Star Wars movie was the start to a great franchise. It follows Luke Skywalker, a farmer on Tatooine as he meets Obi-wan, and a pair of bounty hunters Han and Chewbacca on a mission to save the Princess Leia on the secret Death Star. This movie does a great job at introducing us to new worlds and a new galaxy and includes an elite cast of actors who we would come to know as the face of these characters.

4. “Star Wars Return of the Jedi”

Return of the Jedi was a perfect way to end off the original trilogy. The movie shows the final fight between the rebel alliance and the galactic empire it also shows us Luke Skywalker back as a more experienced Jedi trying to save his father and make his way back to the light side. This movie is great, the CGI at the time is amazing, the plot is great and the music is fantastic.

3. “Star Wars Rogue One”

“Rogue One” takes place just before a “New Hope.” It shows a team of rebels on a desperate mission to discover the plans of the Death Star sacrificing everything to get it. This movie is the best Star Wars movie put out by Disney — the story, music, acting. It also has one of my favorite scenes of all time at the very end of the movie.

2. “Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back”

This movie is the best Star Wars film of all time. It shows the Empire attacking back at the rebel alliance and Luke learning more about being a Jedi. This film is really perfect in basically everything it shows us much more of one of the most famous villains of all time in Darth Vader and it also gives probably the most famous scene of all time.

1. “Star Wars the Clone Wars”

This is the greatest piece of media created in Star Wars. The show shows us many different events happening during the clone wars, a war against the Galactic Republic and the separatist alliance. This show is really special to me because I grew up watching it and it includes many of Star Wars’ most famous characters. The first couple of seasons’ animation is not the best but after season 3 it becomes one of the best animated shows of all time.