Two of the songs on the list “Escapsim” and “Houdini” are by British atrists while they don’t make the same type of music to the American listener they may appear one and the same. While RAYE  may seem new to the American audience they have been writing music behind the scenes for some times and fact they are an award winner and co-wrote some of Beyoncé’s songs.

I do think “Paint the town red” by Doja Cat was a good example of how we as a society react to so called “satanic” or “demonic” paraphenalia. The combative song was released with Doja’s Rebrand in mind which made her more mainstream. The song/rebrand has sent conspiracy theorist reeling accusing Doja of selling her soul.

Like mentioned above Dua lupa’s song “Houdini” came out this year too. To me its great for a beautiful song that carries a continuous tune that can stick in your head for a long time.

At number four falls the coveted Beyonce and her song “Texas Hold ’em.” This song is very big on TikTok because there is a dance to go with it. Whilst Beyoncé has country roots she still got a little bit of flack for making the song. Some saying it isn’t really country at all.