Mahlete Massa

The reboot of the iconic Harry Potter franchise has many in arms over whether the new story is a new unique story or just a poor attempt to cash in on the second highest grossing film series of all time.


The film takes place in the roaring 1930s, and we follow the protagonist named Newt, an Englishman with a magical suitcase filled with magic critters. After a luggage mix-up with a muggle (or No-Maj in American terms,), he is left with the difficult task of catching these powerful beasts as they terrorize Manhattan. Other conflicts arise as well, introducing a handful of other characters, and many references to its preceding franchise.


Though the film was intended to be a stand-alone, it of course will always be compared to the Harry Potter movies. Overall, I say it’s a good attempt at a film. As a stand-alone the only real complaint is a lack of continuity that makes it feel like two films, and a reveal that will leave anyone without a vast knowledge of Harry Potter trivia confused. Overall it’s an entertaining film with many quirky characters.