Want to join the Longboarding Club?

Julianna McPhail, Writer

Have you ever thought about longboarding? Did you know there’s a longboarding club? Now is your chance to join. 

The longboarding club started in 2013, when a handful of junior and seniors asked math teacher Matthew Duffy to sponsor a longboarding club. Once they got the approval from athletic director, the longboarding club was born. In 2018, they expanded to traditional skateboarding as well.

This photo was actually a video of former member and graduate Joe Peppers. In this photo, he is at a downtown location he calls The Slabs. (Joe Peppers)

Duffy said, “It was very common for the club members to compete just across the river in Kessler Park.”

The longboarding club is always open to new members, even if you have experience skating.

“It did get me back on a skateboard after many years of not riding,” Duffy said.

Longboarding can be a sport and or a hobby. It can be used for transportation or your own enjoyment. In the Kansas City area, downhill competitions are quite common, even though they can be a little extreme. Usually longboards have bigger and softer wheels than conventional skateboards. It helps them go faster and has strong shock absorption. While skateboards have smaller wheels, which is good for controlling speed and doing tricks.

There are rules and guidelines.

  1. No boards allowed in the school, if you have your board you’ll need to check it into the office.
  2. Always wear appropriate safety gear.
  3. Never make fun of anyone trying the sport for the first time or trying something new.
  4. No riding in the school; there are no exceptions for this rule.
  5. If riding in public, be respectful of property and business owners. If they ask you to leave, then leave. There are always other places to ride.
  6. Always tell your parents where you are and where you are going.

“I do not typically ride with the students, although sometimes I will join in,” Duffy said.

If you are interested in joining the longboarding club, you can join any time.

The community is great according to former member and graduate Joe Peppers.

Duffy said, “The community is very laid back, but passionate about their sport.”

All clubs start Friday, Sept. 23, with meetings in AR. Longboarding Club’s meetings are the third Friday of each month during AR in Duffy’s room. C292, center hallway on the second floor.