Who Run the World – Girls!

Kelsey Abunga, writer

The world is a crazy place. While it does bring joy, many people still face backlash for simply being born a certain color, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Society throws curve balls at these groups, which is why we as a nation have decided to create awareness celebrations dedicated for each month, giving certain groups the recognition they deserve. For example, the month of March is dedicated to representing women across the world, calling it Women’s History Month. This isn’t a Beyoncé concert, but come along and explore who really runs the world: girls.

Women’s History Month is not only about how they fought to be seen as equal, but what being a woman means to every individual on this planet.

“To me, women’s history month is a time to recognize our past and how we’ve made so much progress in the world today. It’s empowering,” sophomore Becky Mullies said.

I think that it’s important for women to know that they are being heard. Not ignored,”

— sophomore Becky Mullies

Not only do people need this month to learn about the past but allow women to receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

“To me it means that as women, we deserve to be celebrated after all the struggles we have faced,” junior Sabreen Aban said. 

Throughout the years, controversy has spiked where some individuals don’t believe there should be a month dedicated to women. 

“I believe we should have Women’s History Month because I think that it’s important for women to know that they are being heard. Not ignored,” Mullies said.

Others believe this month is needed because of the oppression women have faced throughout the years and still face to this day.

 “The world very much needs it because women are always being forgotten and mistreated,” Aban said.  

Many people believe it is important for girls to have strong role models while growing up, so they gain the encouragement to follow their own dreams.

“My two idols are my mom and [poet] Maya Angelou. Angelou said, ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said and what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ We aren’t the women who actually went through that heartbreaking past, but as women, we strongly feel for them,” Mullies said.  

For some, female idols are the celebrities seen today. For others, they are the women who helped shape what they have become to this day.

“My role model is [suffragist] Susan B. Anthony. She’s a big icon during the suffrage movements and that was a time where women were called insane for wanting basic human rights, which is why I love how she fought for that,” Aban said. 

Women throughout American history have been oppressed, mistreated and disrespected. While the fight still isn’t over, women have come a long way into achieving the respect and recognition they deserve. In the words of Beyoncé – girls run the world.