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Students Share New Year Resolutions

As the year 2023 concluded, students began to reflect on their own growth and where they can improve. This led to them making realistic goals or resolutions for what they can change or continue doing for the upcoming year.

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“I made some new friends, did pretty well in football,” said sophomore Jesse Barrett.

He claimed that because of this, his year went pretty well.

Freshman Isabella Hernandez agreed, explaining that her year was also, “pretty good,” and that one of her accomplishments were, “starting high school.”

 For freshmen, this can be a really big thing to them.

“It’s been okay, it’s not my best year but hopefully next year will be better,” said senior Martina Lopez.

When it comes to success, what comes to mind for a lot of students was being an athlete, being an academic student, and developing their social circles.

However, many things can happen during the year, shifting a student’s whole perspective on what they should look forward to.

Barret focused on keeping all his classes an A, explaining that he, “has a couple of Bs and doesn’t like that very much.”

Keeping up with schoolwork was one of the many things a high schooler wishes to accomplish.

“I don’t really do resolutions because I feel like I never follow them,” said Hernandez. Her goals for the year include, “getting better at math.”

It is common for students to not have a strong point in mathematics. According to National Review, “one in three U.S. students lack basic math proficiency.” It is no surprise that some may feel motivated to beat those odds.

For Lopez on the other hand, her resolution is, “to graduate.”

Graduation is not only an achievement, but it is a step towards somebody’s future. Getting past high school can open doors for many individuals. Sometimes resolutions can get in the way of other resolutions though.

“If all my classes are an A before New Year’s I’d change my resolution,” said Barrett. He would make his resolution related to fitness, specifically to do a “255 benchpress.”

Hernandez said that if she wasn’t struggling with math, her goal would be, “getting healthier.”

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Kamila McCall
Kamila McCall, writer
Kamila McCall is 16 years old and she is in her second year of high school. Her academic focus is getting involved with the school and participating in sports activities. She is in the H&W pathway and plans on attending MIZZOU to become a veterinarian. Over the summer, she went to Russia for three weeks to visit her family members. In her free time, she likes to take care of her dog Max, who is 6 years old and is a mix between Pekingese and Toy Poodle. She also likes to sleep, listen to music, and play video games. On top of that, she takes piano lessons with Ms. June and has been playing for three years now. She is a caring advocate who strives to achieve success and help others to it. The quote she wants to share to everyone is, “if you don’t try now, you will never know what’s to come.”

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