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Meep! Out Of The Ordinary Pets

Most people own dogs or cats but other people own pets that would be considered unusual  pets, such as snakes, ferrets and more. Even though they aren’t cats and dogs they still bring joy to people no matter how tiny they are. 

They’re tiny and so cute and fluffy with tiny little faces.

— junior Ava Sanderson

According to, about 6.7 million households own small animals including rodents such as guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ect, 6.1 million own birds, 11.1 million households have fresh water fish, 6 million who have reptiles, 2.2 million own salt water fish, and 2.2 million own horses. But the data does not compare to the stats of households owning dogs: about 65.1 million own dogs and another 46.5 million households own cats.  

Junior Ava Sanderson owned three hamsters throughout their life named Pumpkin, Yogi, and Hiloop. Their favorite thing about the hamsters was how they held them and when the hamsters stuffed food in their cheek pouches. 

The reason Sanderson got hamsters was that “they’re tiny and so cute and fluffy with tiny little faces.” 

Sanderson also had bunnies, fish, snakes, and hermit crabs while growing up. 

Senior Marceline Cavallaro owns a Zebra Finch bird, whose name is Chonky. Cavallaro said Chonky will argue back if someone says “meep” to him. 

Their favorite thing about Chonky is that when he is cold he will curl himself into a ball. Chonky also likes to play games with Cavallaro such as tag where he will peck a hand and fly around until he is tagged back. 

NeQuelle DeFord, a science teacher, owns many animals ranging from as a tortoise named Fudgebag, a turtle named Franklin, a hermit crab named DaPinchy, a skink named Lizzie, a ferret named Patches, a bearded dragon named Sandy, and a betta fish. 

“I love animals,” she said. 

The reason she loves animals is because of biology. She teaches biology and loves how diverse it is and how it differs in each animal.

Junior Jayden Davis owned two goldfish along with betta fish as well because Davis said that “I always love animals of all types and a fish was a unique one.” A favorite memory was when their goldfish would get excited everytime Davis walked up to the tank.

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