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Money has always been an important part of life.  Well extra money is also important for underclassmen’s this year they are figuring out any way to make some dough. Some as young as 14. Most young people start off with jobs in the fast food industry. Freshman Samantha Bixby works at McDonald’s, where you only need to be 14 to work.

“Well I’m definitely starting early which gives me a lot of responsibility as a 14 year-old,” said Bixby,“I work the register mostly and buss tables when customers leave.”

Freshman Passion Thomas works at Little Caesars at age 16.

“It’s not that hard really, once you have it down you have it down,” said Thomas.

There are a lot of different types of job that underclassmen can do, such as: fast food, babysitting, and even coaching.

Freshman Ben Derry Works as an assistant coach for a Baseball team.

“I hit grounders, hit pop flies, and teach the young ones on how to truly play the game,” said Derry.

There are lots of opportunities for freshmen to get jobs.  Because even at 14 having extra cash is important.  Just remember to have good grades and stay out of trouble and you will have plenty of options to choose from.



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