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Addams Family Auditions

Malea Biswell, writer

September 6, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

The school year is in full swing as the musical, The Addams Family, has just been cast. This year auditions were a little bit different because there is a new theatre teacher.   Monday, Aug 28th was the beginning of auditio...

Fidget Spinner in the Hands of Kids Everywhere

Malea Biswell and Grace Burns

May 14, 2017

Filed under Features

Fidget spinners have been all the rage these past couple months. Not only are younger kids obsessed with them, but Oak Park students are too. In every class you can at least find one student twirling the toy in their hands. Kids...

Hitting the Mats

Malea Biswell and Grace Burns

December 21, 2016

Filed under Showcase, Sports

Wrestling season is here! The athletes are excited and yet a little bit nervous as the season is in full swing. They practice every day, even optional Saturday practices. Though it’s a lot of hard work, the team has had a lot...

Heroes Can Have Paws

Heroes Can Have Paws

October 26, 2016

My Son Had a Stroke

Malea Biswell, J1 Writer

September 27, 2016

Filed under News

On the warm Monday afternoon of Aug. 29, Michelle Biswell was driving her daughter to cheerleading when she got a phone call from Children’s Mercy Hospital where her oldest son, 19, Matthew Biswell was lying. She handed the...