Fame and money: a commentary

Fame and money are fascinating and attractive to the average Americans mind; they have been for a long time.

Malea Biswell, Editor In Chief

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I definitely find myself attracted to celebrities and money. One of my favorite artists Post Malone has more money than he knows how to handle and, more attention every day than he wants. A part of me loves seeing all the expensive clothes, cars, and collectable items he buys. I love the idea of big houses and stacks of money, and that’s exactly what Post sings about. But it’s not just me, millions of people worldwide fall prey to the exact same concept.


Fame is an idea Americans are in love with. It’s the idea of escaping from our normal boring lives into the life of a celebrity. Positive attention stimulates the reward center of the brain and makes us feel happy. And we buy into the idea of fame and celebrity because it is a big part of our culture, were just observing the people in the spotlight to make ourselves feel more important. Our love of celebrity comes from an intense desire for the attention, money and love.


A great example of this is social media. We obsess over how many followers we have, how good we look, and other people’s opinions. We facetune, filter and double tap for the satisfaction attention brings us.


It’s not a bad thing to want attention or to love a celebrity, just make sure you don’t go too far off the deep end and get matching Post Malone face tattoos.

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