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Addams Family Auditions


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The school year is in full swing as the musical, The Addams Family, has just been cast. This year auditions were a little bit different because there is a new theatre teacher.


Monday, Aug 28th was the beginning of auditions as students individually sang select songs in front of Theatre Director Shannon Peery and Choir Director Chris Droegemueller. There was a choice of two different songs for both men and women that are straight from the musical.


Tuesday, Aug 29th was dance auditions. Droegemueller and Peery choreographed short dances for a song in The Addams Family musical. Students were pulled onto the main stage in groups of 6 to dance almost immediately after they learned the dance. They danced in front of all the other auditionees and Droegemueller, Peery and Assistant Drama Coach Tina Hilton.


Wednesday was acting auditions. Students were given short scenes including the character they were hoping to get cast as, and they were expected to practice them. They were pulled to go into the little theatre, usually in pairs to read their scenes in front of Peery, Droegemueller, and Hilton.


“Auditions are stressful. Depending on your mindset and your confidence will completely determine how well you will do during auditions. Regardless of talent,” says Junior Jordan Green.


“The audition process was so nerve-racking. The auditions this year were super close, they were full of so much talent,” says Kenna Foreman.


Thursday was call backs. The directors made a list of students they wanted to hear sing or act again, and gave a select few additional music to practice and sing in front of all the other students who were called back including the directors in the choir room, and then move to the little theatre to read scenes that were given to them by the directors. This is when the directors choose who they want to cast.


The cast and crew list was posted after school on Friday. Students gathered around the call board outside the theatre room anxiously waiting to see if they got a part.


“I hoped I would get a lead but was worried that a senior might get the role instead. So, you could say I was very happily surprised,” says Green.


Be sure to go see the Musical Nov. 9th-11th.

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