Anime and Gamers Club


Malea Bisele

Calling all gamers and anime lovers alike! Anime and gamers club may be the right place for you. Club is held each Tuesday in Room C295 after school until 4:30.

“(I started sponsoring anime/gamer club) my second year here, so 5 years ago, because of my love for video games, and (the old club sponsor) asked me to help sponsor for the game days. We do split days, some are game days and some are Anime days,” says anime/gamer club sponsor and teacher James Dye.

Dye is now the only sponsor.

Senior and Club President Yasim Abdelhameed chooses the games and animes played/watched in Anime/Gamers club.

“I’m club president so I’m there every week. I made lots of friends when I first joined, and I became club president my junior year,” says Abdelhameed.

In anime/gamers club the main activities are watching Anime on Anime days and playing video games on game days.

“We like to play Smash brothers, variations of those. We did do some Mario kart, we also do the Naruto fighting games. That’s about really all we do because of the limitations of the ratings, being only really able play T rated games,” says Dye.

“This year we’ve watched a little less of what’s actually called anime. But we’ve watched things like Souleater, Little Witch Academia, Digimon, Pokemon, Voltron. We did watch some Hunter x Hunter as well,” says Dye.

“If you’re interested in anime then join. You might find a show that you love that you may have missed. That’s where I first watched my favorite anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” says Abdelhameed.

“The biggest thing I can say is there’s no commitment. You can come and watch something play something with some people for the most part if you’re into anime and video games, you have a similar mindset in that reality. You could come once, see what it’s about and never come again. It’s a great place to make some friends you may never see because of the grade level difference and things like that,” says Dye.




*Responses have been slightly edited for clarity.