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AR Schedule is changing

Malea Biswell and Grace Burns

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Oak Park’s Academic Resource Schedule is being changed starting next year. The biggest change is all students will be assigned to a classroom for  four out of the five school days. And yes, ALL students. No more ‘unassigned time’.

“Unassigned time was a reward for students who didn’t need to make up work. They could go to the library or the café and just hang out,” says Valadez.

So why is the administration taking away ‘unassigned time’?

“Students take advantage of it. It’s become an issue and we don’t think ‘unassigned time’ is necessary,” says Valadez.

The administration thinks adding more AR days to our schedule will help make the schedules less confusing and will help improve grades. We did a student poll to see if the student body agrees.

Students opinions on the new AR schedule for next year.

In a poll it was found that 74.7% of students who responded think additional AR time will help them with their academics. But 67.7% of students who responded said it upsets them that administration is getting rid of unassigned time.


An anonymous student responder said, “I would just like to say that I feel that if Academic Resource was open as a study block and the programs being offered during were optional, that it would make more of an impact than the schedule they’re wanting to switch to. I’m taking two AP courses and a college course next year. I need in school study time where I can reach out to teachers for help when I need it. In class time isn’t always sufficient. My schedule is full and I don’t have time for a flex class. The Academic Resources on Monday and Friday give me time to study and connect with teachers for help. It also gives me time to decompress in school.”


So students, remember to use AR time to the best of your abilities and hopefully the additional days will improve grades at OP and will take some pressure off students to finish things after school.

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