Northmen News

Winter Guars goes to MCCGA championships

Stephanie Brocato, Reporter

March 30, 2015

Winter Guard goes to MCCGA Championships, placing 9th in their round     How did you feel when you competed at state? What was some of the most memorable parts when you were at state? How prepared did y...

OakPark Cheerleaders

Irving Espadas, Reporter

March 30, 2015

It’s time to get back in gear ladies and gentlemen. As the OP Cheerleading team gets back in shape for the new season to come. “Honestly I couldn't tell ya! Based on our open gyms I feel as though we will have a big tryout...

Tennis Outlook

David Genau, Reporter

March 30, 2015

The 2014 tennis season was a bit of a disappointment to say the least. With only one win as a team last season after being conference champs in 2013 the Oak Park tennis team took a huge step back. Four varsity players not returning...

Girls Soccer

Anastasia Grinik, reporter

March 30, 2015

In the begging of March, the girls soccer tryouts happened all the girls find out what teams they made. Personally in my opinion, people don’t take girls soccer seriously they think that its not “hard” or that the boys soccer...

Pommies go to states!

Sam Sander, Reporter

March 13, 2015

This past weekend, the pommies competed at state competition in St. Louis, which wrapped up the pommie season for the 2014-2015 year. Axe member Sam Sander sat down with senior Pommie Sammi Shafar and asked her a few questions...

A New Coach For Winter Guard

Courtney Campbell, Reporter

February 5, 2015

With a team of twelve at most in past years the Oak Park Winter Guard isn’t widely known, in competition, or in the school. “We thought we were over” one member stated, after the coach of several years had to make a difficult...

Pabon proves positive for girls basketball

Conner Clapham, reporter

December 18, 2014

The Lady Oakies basketball team is not only excited to begin the season this year, but also that first year head coach Joel Pabon is here to bring positive change to the team. Pabon has experience as a previous girls varsity...

Unheard of 8 seniors lead boys to the court this season

Conner Clapham, reporter

December 1, 2014

The boys basketball season has almost begun, and third-year head coach Ryan Nichols has been ready since the last season ended. The boys have been working hard since Nov. 4, preparing for their first game of the season against...

Boys basketball kicks off season

David Genau, reporter

November 26, 2014

November's Jamboree kicked off the 2014- 2015-basketball season for the Oak Park Northmen. Many wondered how they would fare this season after losing their entire starting lineup from a year ago. The big concern would be the...

Building goes royal

Tiffany Grazda, Reporter

October 22, 2014

I don’t know if they were feeling an immense amount of team spirit and pride, or if they actually believe that the Kansas City Royals will win the 2014 World Series, but the results of a random sample survey I conducted show...

Chiefs, Royals on a streak

Ana Grinik, Reporter

October 3, 2014

As many of you have heard that the Kansas City football team has beat the Patriots. This is the first time they have a good team like this in a while. Many of us Chiefs fans are excited to see what they can bring into the playoffs,...