C-team basketball wins season opener thanks to new facilities

Byron Rene Jurado Ortiz, Journalism 1 reporter

The C-team boys basketball team dribbled, passed and shot its way to a home season opener victory with the help of its new gym. With the new basketball court the district built and the new shot clock in the main gym, these basketball athletes were very excited when they heard the old weight room turned into a new basketball gym.

Sophomore Luke Meredith said he’s been waiting for this game since pre-season basketball, and he is confident that they will get the wins this season.

Meredith said, “It’s nice to know we got more space to run our drills for practice.”

They won their first game. They were confident and prepared.

Sophmore Austin Weinzerl said, “I’m excited to play feel prepared we ran through man drills and feel solid to play.” He’s also excited when he heard the new gym was being built, he said, “it’s always nice to have more room.”

During the game, their communication was on point. It was a tight game ending in a one-point difference, but they still pulled it off because they had more communication.

Freshman Julius Anderson said, “Honestly I feel very confident I see it in practice and I’m sure my teammates see it too. We practice in there sometimes; and it’s nice to have more space to run drills.”