Football preps for fall season

Sharo Mahdi, Journalism 1 reporter

Football season is right around the corner, that means a lot of things. Players, coaches, parents, schools and kids, all excited for a new season.

“I am very excited; I can’t wait for these kids to show how much work they will put in and it will show on week one,” head coach Ken Clemens said.

It has a lot of meaning for the student athletes, for some it may be their last year playing and for others it might be one of many more years.

“I can’t wait for my senior year; I will put in my all for an offer to play in the next level,” wide receiver junior Marlon Gant said.

Others agreed.

“I just want to prove myself with a great sophomore season, I just can’t wait,” running back freshman Travon Pankey said.

Being prepared is one of the most important things, teams can have all the talent but must be prepared mentally and physically.

Clemens said, “well, we are having practice right now for all the non-spring athletes, after school year, we will have our summer camp. We will be prepared, and I’m excited for the work these kids are about to put in”

“I am going to our spring practices right now and doing my own workouts. I know I’ll be ready and can’t wait for week one, ” Gant said.

Pankey said, “I’m doing track this year. I feel faster and just ready to show it on the field.”

Next yea’rs Oak Park team will have a different schedule than the last few years. Opening week, the Northmen face off Tonka, an old rivalry coming back.  The Northmen have won 23 to 22 games all time with Tonka, but the Griffins have won the last five rivalry games in the past.

Clemens also has an history with the Griffins, as he coached the Griffins in the years they beat Oak Park.

“I did help start the streak of Tonka beating Oak Park, but I plan on changing that. I believe it will be a hard-fought game and we for sure want to end up on the winning side of that.”

Come support the Northmen on week one. Friday, Aug 27 at the Lumberyard. This is the right side of the stands for the fan section, on the left side of the field, first entrance for the field.