Northmen News

Adaptive PE performs talents

March 12, 2014

News brief by: Bret Bussinger During fourth block on Friday, March 7, Adapted PE performed their talent show to a selected audience. The 30 minute long show delivered every aspect of talent including: art, singing, danci...

Cheerleading prepares for tryouts

March 7, 2014

Sports feature by: Taylor Dorrel Reporter Taylor Dorrel speaks with sophomore Jenna Heinz about the process potiental cheerleaders go through at clinics from March 31 to April 4 and tryouts on April 5. ...

Destonee Wenger Student and recording artist

March 7, 2014

Features by: Taylor Dorrel Reporter Taylor Dorrel interviews senior Destonee Wenger about her life as a both a student and a recording artist. Destonee asks that you check out her new song  Broken Words and stop by to see more of her work....

Wood shop works

March 7, 2014

Allenbaugh scales mountains

February 27, 2014

Students positively review movie day

December 16, 2013

Features by: Ryan Bennett On Tuesday Nov. 26 students were given the opportunity to be rewarded for their good attendance. Most students said that they liked the idea and that the school should do it again next year. “I ...

Students take advantage of free tuition

December 4, 2013

Features by: Lauren Sullivan Everyone loves hearing the word “free,” especially when it’s associated with college, but is it really an option to go to college for no cost? If you participate in A+, then you really ca...

2014 Yearbook Promo

December 4, 2013

Science Olympiad promo

October 21, 2013