What Makes the Holidays Special?

Claire Heller, J1 Reporter

With the holidays right around the corner, winter break quickly approaches. Everybody decides to spend their time away in different ways, whether its staying at home or going on vacation. Winter break is a time to be able to spend time with family members, and to get a break from school.  Ice skating, staying in a cabin, or even putting up lights are all enjoyable and common activities.  

“My favorite thing is getting to relax at home without having to worry about schoolwork. I also enjoy being able to sleep in while also having free time to spend with friends matters to me,” freshman Ashlyn Scott said.  

Depending on a student’s beliefs, there are different things to celebrate around this time of year, Christmas, New Years, Hanukah and Kwanza. Most people anticipate Christmas as well as giving and receiving gifts.  However, some families prefer to go on vacations to celebrate the holidays to create new memories rather than purchasing gifts. 

“My family is planning on going to Mexico over break, but I am most looking forward to being at the beach in the warm weather,” sophomore Brandon Morris said. Morris’ family is going to spend the holidays at Cancún.  

The holidays are a time for families to spend valuable time together, but the way families spend it can mean more than the holidays itself.  

“My grandparents come over and we decorate the house. On Christmas Eve every year we make a bunch of food and spend time watching movies together,” Scott saidScott spends time with her grandparents while they bake cookies while drinking hot chocolate around the fire. 

Regardless of how the time is spent, winter break is a time for students to relieve stress caused from school. The couple weeks off is beneficial and loved by both students and staff due to thtime away.  

“Christmas is my favorite time of year because of the positivity and good vibes,” freshman Dominic Carrera said.