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Review: Zootopia

Abigail Clapham, Axe staffer

October 25, 2016

Overview: Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is the first rabbit to join the Zootopia police force. She quickly finds out how tough her new job is. Judy quickly tries to solve a mysterious case. However, to solve the case she must wo...

Spooky Scarers Run People into Walls

Spooky Scarers Run People into Walls

Remy Tran and Sarah White, Log Section Editor and Photo Editor

October 21, 2016

Retro Trends to Fall Back Into

Mahlete Massa, Axe staffer

October 21, 2016

As we revamp our wardrobes for cold and wind about to approach, many new trends are popping up and taking every department store by storm. The biggest trends this year have been retro, so time to dust off your parents Doc Martins...

First Choir Concert Opens Well

Chloe Gillespie, J1 Writer

October 17, 2016

If you haven’t been to one of the choir concerts you should really make time to go to one. Choir concerts are so much fun. The first concert may not always be the best, but it is still fun. We have a very good choir;...

Concerts Coming this Month

Kelly Galindo, Photographer

October 5, 2016

Concerts are always a fun activity. Everyone has been to at least one concert, upcoming concerts in Kansas City for the month of October are; Rae Sremmurd, October 11th Bear Hands, October 13th Toni Braxton, October 14th Florida Geor...