Bloons and monkeys – recommended

I decided to download  the game “BTD5 tower defense;” and I’ve played the game for a couple days.

I’ve found it’s a game where monkeys try to pop balloons by using darts and other equipment like guns and planes. In this game, you battle a opponent with monkeys picked at the start of the game, which is only three and then the last one is picked randomly.

With your four monkeys you pop balloons that come your way using bananas.

All towers have a price, some more than others. There a couple of types of towers. like primitive, military, magic, and support each doing their own things. Each tower has three slots you can upgrade from. By upgrading your tower you can do more damage or unlock powers.

The goal of this game is to last longer then your opponent. You can also send balloons at them to make it harder for them.

Whoever has the most life points at the end wins. This game is vary fun to play even though it takes a lot of time.

8/10 would suggest.