Northmen News

Soccer season to be successful

Taylor Dorrel, Axe reporter

May 8, 2014

Sports by: Taylor Dorrel Reporter Taylor Dorrel interviews senior Kelli Reichart about the varsity girls soccer team.

Baseball predicted to succeed

March 14, 2014

Sports opinion by: Darrin Head As winter sports begin to come to an end, spring sports are just around the corner. Baseball looks to come out strong and make a statement about themselves for the 2014 season. The baseball team, le...

Cheerleading prepares for tryouts

March 7, 2014

Sports feature by: Taylor Dorrel Reporter Taylor Dorrel speaks with sophomore Jenna Heinz about the process potiental cheerleaders go through at clinics from March 31 to April 4 and tryouts on April 5. ...

Missouri Maniac: BCS Bowls

February 6, 2014

Sports Podcast by: Jake Boeding Jake discusses Baylor facing off against UCF, the orange bowl and something about a bowl of roses. Just listen and you'll get it.

Missouri Maniac: College Football Predictions

February 6, 2014

Sports Podcast by: Jake Boeding Missouri Maniac Jake Boeding makes predictions about which colleges will make it to the championship.

Meet the seniors of varsity basketball

February 6, 2014

Sports Podcast by: Darrin Head Darrin Head meets with a few seniors from the varsity boys basketball team to talk about the season ahead and some new changes such as a new thing. ...

Superbowl: Seahawks vs Broncos Predictions

February 3, 2014

<span style="color: #000080;"><strong>Sports Opinion by Darrin Head</strong></span> It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Well at least it’s the moment that men have been waiting for. It’s...

Preparing For The Jump

February 2, 2014

<span style="color: #000080;"><strong>Sports by: Olivia Eissler</strong></span> “State.”  That’s the word that all track athletes are striving for at the end of the season.  But just how do they...

Lady Oakies make a comeback

January 15, 2014

Sports Q&A by: Kelli Reichert This year the Oak Park girls basketball team managed to accomplished an amazing feat. They were able to make a complete turn around, going from 0-4 to 4-0 this season. Many are wondering how t...

Boys basketball hits the courts tonight

December 18, 2013

Sports Q&A by: Ana Grinik On Wednesday, Dec. 18, boys basketball has important game against Platte County; and it is predicted to be very intense. It’s the silent night Christmas game. Northmen News: And now I’...