Varsity cheer hits the competition mat

Sammi Johnson, Journalism 1 reporter

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The varsity cheerleading team participates in the regional competition through UCA on Saturday, Nov. 3.

Varsity or “Navy” has been practicing this routine since July. Since then, they have changed their routine at least seven times. Navy practiced four days a week during the summer and devotes every day of the week except Saturday.

“We are having a lot of practices at least three a week and games and practicing our routine. I am almost taking tumbling classes outside of it to help with my tumbling and bonding with my teammates,” sophomore Emmi Bausch.

Preparing for a competition requires motivation.

“I am getting myself ready every practice and making sure I am ready to go in and motivate everyone and motivate myself,” junior Kaitlyn McLaughlin.

The girls face many challenges along the way.

“I would say throwing my tumbling due to my fears,” McLaughlin said.

Attendance can be a challenge for most teams.

“Getting all of my teammates there because we need to hit all of our stunts and we haven’t hit a full out yet because we haven’t had everybody at every practice,” senior Alaina Andrade.

Each competition poses new situations.

“I have only done one competition because I am a sophomore; and the competition last year we only competed against one other team. So, I think this one will be a lot different because we will be competing against more teams,” Bausch said.

New year calls for new skills.

“This one will be different because we have a lot of new skills and a lot of people are trying different skills. So, we have had some people getting injured,” Andrade said.

Varsity will compete in small division, all girls, and the JV team will compete in large coed division, girls and boys. JV performs at 2 p.m. and varsity will compete at 6:42 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 3 at Staley High School.


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