Top running back Corbin led team

Gabe Todtenhausen, Journalism 1 reporter

Junior Phil Corbin, running back for the Northmen and a top rusher in the whole state, carried the running game for part of the season. He runs with speed, power and aggression. The rest of the team lacked that combination this season.

“He’s one of those runners, where he only needs one block to break free and get a huge gain for us he can do it all himself,” said left tackle sophomore Jackson White.

On top of being a rusher, Corbin can also catch the ball. He averaged 9.5 yards per reception; more than some of the wide receivers on the team. That helpd the offense having an extra wide out that can run in the flat and still get a gain when no one is open down field. Corbin gave the Northmen an advantage over other teams’ defense.

Sophomore corner Logan Linard said, “He’s a beast. He never misses a tackle and that’s amazing when you take into account his size. I mean he’s only 5’6”, but he’s also really strong.”

Corbin’s size was aset back when it comes to him being able to play and make a impact in the next level.

“That’s not really anything I’m thinking about now we’re all more interested in finishing the season strong and taking advantage of right now.”

Corbin has been amazing this year and at one point in the season, he was a top 25 rusher in the state, but unfortunately due to an Injury in a game vs Grandview, Corbin would sit out for the rest of the game and season.

Superfan Mike White said, “Phil is a player that we can’t afford to lose he’s the life of our offense; and we need someone to step up.”