Long-boarding throughout the year

Lindsey Dunaway, Editor in Chief

Longboards Club grew to record numbers this fall.

“I’ve been longboarding around Gladstone for awhile and I didn’t know the school had it until I saw a flyer,” junior Dylan Fay said.

Longboarding club has six members this year, which is more than past years.

“The club did not operate last year, as there was little to no interest expressed by the students. That changed this year as I had several students approach me early on that wanted to get the club going again,” club sponsor Matthew Duffy said.

Even though the club isn’t well known, it still means something to the members involved.

“Meeting new people [is my favorite part] because I like meeting people who I can be friends with that do the same stuff as me,” Fay said.

Longboarding Club is different than other sports or clubs.

“We do not have a traditional season like the other MSHSAA sports, as long boarding is not a sponsored sport. There are competitions in the city and surrounding areas.  It is up to the individual riders to determine if they want to enter those,” Duffy said.

Without having a dedicated season, the meetings are often spontaneous.

“We kind of just sit there for a little bit. I mean sometimes we go out and do stuff, but we tend to sit there for some of it,” Fay said.

The club is open to anyone who wants to have fun and give longboarding a try.

The goals are generally the same every year – to enjoy the sport of longboarding, to meet new people that share that interest, and to promote that sport to others who may not be aware of it and might enjoy it,” Duffy said.