Summer camps prepare for upcoming seasons

Anita Sosa, Journalism 1 reporter


Like to be active and want to stay active with sports this summer?

So why not do the Northman summer camps? It’s a great way to involved in school while be active in the summer time and gives you stuff to do.

“It is a fun way to get active also being able to do what you love during summer and is a fun and easy way to make friends and just to enjoy summer,” said coach Callie Smothers.

The sports or options they have at these Northman camps are …

Band, only requirement is that you have to be in high school.

They will have a freshman day on July 19th from 9 am to 3 pm

Baseball, only requirement for baseball is only ages in 4thto 8thgrade can be there.There is no coast to this one date is June 12 -21.

Boys basketball, requirement are only ages 9thto 12thgrade.

They will also have ages 4thto 8thgrade on a separate day and will coast 40$ for boys’ basketball camp.

Girls basketball, ages 6thto 7thgrade and will start in May 21stand end the 24that Antioch middle school in the small gym. For high schoolers, it will start the June 4thto June 7th.which will be at the main gym at oak park high school.

Cross country requirements are ages 6thto 12thgrade, cost will be 35$ and also includes shirts. Which would be in the court yard.

Golf, ages will be 6 to 14 and will cost 80$. the dates will be June 11-14 and location will be at paradise pointe golf courses, Smithville MO

Volleyball, grade 9thto 12th.The cost is 40$ and includes a shirt. Start day is June 11-14, in the main gym of oak park high school.

 And the good things are you don’t even have to go to oak park to go to any of these and some are free and some do cost. But can guarantee that it will be a fun and cool to experience.