Get Crafty at the Fair

A crowd of people viewing different booths.

Every November, Oak Park Booster Club/PTSA hosts a craft fair where visitors can purchase anything that catches their eye. This year was the 24th year and was a lot more crowded than past years.

There are different types of vendors who have been showed at the craft fair. The crafts vary depending on what vendors have to sell.

“Our business started because of rosaries then my mother learned how to do different things like beading, stringing and knot and tie,” vendor Kris Westberg said.

Some vendors don’t have crafts at all they just show their business to all the visitors coming in. Lane Photography does all occasion photography.

“I love portrait photography. [I also do] landscape, sports, and pretty much all of it,” the Lane Photography representative said.

Not all the vendors have been represented at the craft fair before some have only been doing it for a couple of years.

“[This is my] sixth craft show,” the Lane Photography representative said.

It differs from family to family, some crafts are passed down from generations. Sometimes parents will let their kids take over.

“My mother has been doing this for about 15 years, but I’ve been doing more and more, the torch is being passed, I’ve taken it now I’m running,” Westberg said.

Many people who represent their business at the craft fair are able to gather a number of customers.

“Our make your own necklace is the most popular, we sell about 35 to 50 at a show,” Westberg said.

The craft fair was a great way for visitors to get more knowledge about what people are selling. There are different types of crafts.

“I bought some cool lip balm from a soap booth,” said junior Xoeanne Zuber.