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Uncovering a Hidden Disease

Uncovering a Hidden Disease

November 13, 2016

Heroes Can Have Paws

Heroes Can Have Paws

October 26, 2016

StuCo Works for Students

September 30, 2016

Robertson learns in a classroom instead of his home

Shereen AlSaoudi, Cambia photographer

December 3, 2015

Jozen Robertson has been homeschooled since pre-kindergarten. He took two semesters at Maple Woods before going to Oak Park at 16, as a junior. “Homeschooling has one key difference from public school,” Robertson said. “There...

Senior Editors Give Advice To Future Staff Members

Stephanie Brocato, Reporter

April 20, 2015

Q: What was the most memorable part on staff this year? A: Senior Olivia Eissler: The most memorable part on the staff this year was story days. This is when we came up with ideas for our next issue. My co-editor and I would...

Retiree: Librarian Patricia Stancil retires

Courtney Campbell

April 20, 2015

In 20 years, you could read hundreds of books. Patricia Stancil definitely did, even though most of her time was spent in the library, finding books, helping students and creating a safe haven for the hundreds of students at Oak...

Retiree: Todd Beeck is retiring

Courtney Campbell, Reporter

April 15, 2015

Eight years after joining the staff at Oak Park, social studies teacher Todd Beeck is retiring. Even though he didn’t graduate from here and hasn’t been here as long as some of the other retirees, he has made a huge impact...