Northmen News

Senior Editors Give Advice To Future Staff Members

Stephanie Brocato, Reporter

April 20, 2015

Q: What was the most memorable part on staff this year? A: Senior Olivia Eissler: The most memorable part on the staff this year was story days. This is when we came up with ideas for our next issue. My co-editor and I would...

Retiree: Librarian Patricia Stancil retires

Courtney Campbell

April 20, 2015

In 20 years, you could read hundreds of books. Patricia Stancil definitely did, even though most of her time was spent in the library, finding books, helping students and creating a safe haven for the hundreds of students at Oak...

Retiree: Todd Beeck is retiring

Courtney Campbell, Reporter

April 15, 2015

Eight years after joining the staff at Oak Park, social studies teacher Todd Beeck is retiring. Even though he didn’t graduate from here and hasn’t been here as long as some of the other retirees, he has made a huge impact...

Retiree: Tana Stock retires after 31 years of teaching and coaching

Courtney Campbell, Reporter

April 7, 2015

After 31 years of teaching Physical Education, Health, and being on multiple boards, Tana Stock is retiring. The stock family has quite a history here. Her two daughters both graduated from here and were involved in basketball,...

“Big Steve” Wins Big Award

Conner Clapham, Reporter

February 2, 2015

Senior Steven Were, just Steve as he prefers, or even “Big Steve” as most of Oak Park knows him by, is not your average student. It really doesn’t matter what you call him because he’s a big guy with an even bigger future. Were is...

Holiday celebrations change from house to house

Effy Minnick, reporter

December 19, 2014

Christmas has been around for decades and over the years many families have switched things up and made Christmas special in their own way. “We go to my grandma’s house and open presents youngest to oldest,” said junior...

Got ‘Crack?’

Olivia Eissler, reporter

December 17, 2014

It consumes your life, your study time, and your free time. You can’t escape it. It always wants you to play. It notifies you daily begging you to come back, and you finally give in. You have to beat everyone and be known as...

Little known class offers big benefits

Olyvia Weaver, reporter

December 15, 2014

Being a relatively new class, not many new students know about ACT Prep. In a survey, Cambia yearbook staff found only half of the freshman class have heard about this course. This class has benefitted a number of students, not...

Freshmen make t-shirts

May 7, 2014

Features by: Audrey Barnes A new tradition has been started this year; the freshman shirts! These are specifically designed for the students graduating in 2017. “We wanted a shirt that was unique to just the 2017 class,” sa...

Leaderships’ preparations for Relay

April 24, 2014

Features by: Landon Thomas As relay happened on April 5th, at the District Athletic Complex (DAC), students prepared for the event in multiple ways. The Leadership class at Oak Park High School is responsible for setting up and ...