A year packed with student activities


Kayleonah Trumble , Log Editor in Chief

When Covid 19 started to get bad and school closed, most events were cancelled. There was no prom and many other senior events were cancelled. Last year during the 2020-2021 school year there wasn’t  homecoming and a lot of other annual events didn’t happen. This year is the first year that almost everything is back to “normal” and the student body is getting back to attending the events that they love.

“What I am most excited about for this year with student council is just getting to bring back that fun, engaging school atmosphere that has been lost in recent years due to the pandemic,” said student body president senior Hannah Butts.

“This year I’m most excited for bringing back tradition and all our events we know the student body loves while also bringing in new fun things for everyone to enjoy,” said student body treasurer senior Rylan Bishop.

After a year and a half of not being able to attend school events, the student body officers are excited to get things back to the oak park way.

“It feels really nice to have things back to normal. I feel like especially the class of 2022, but each grade really, has missed out on so much. So being able to get back to what we used to know and create events that students looked forward to before COVID-19 hit is really special,” said Butts.

There have already been many events this year. There have been events such as senior sunrise, homecoming, and a blood drive. 

“Homecoming and blood drive were the two biggest events, we had a lot of smaller events set around homecoming so it counts as a whole. It all went really well, especially since we haven’t had a chance to do homecoming in two years,” said student body vice president senior Lamis Habila

With school going virtual in spring 2020 and then having half of the students in person one half of the week, and the other half there on the second half of the week, spirit was down and stress levels were up.

“I think the school year is going by real quickly but school spirit is slowly coming back up,” said student body public relations senior Christina Ngyuen.

“So far, this school year is a work in progress. I think it’s taking some adjustments from all of us as we try and get back in the swing of things, but nonetheless it is better than the struggles we’ve faced in the past and it is nothing I take for granted,” said Butts.