Time to apply

Haydenn Gallagher

Haydenn Gallagher , Staffer

Senior year is ending very quickly. We are quickly approaching the end of the first semester and a lot of early college admittance applications due dates are upcoming. The deadlines for scholarships are upcoming and a lot of seniors are freaking out.

The first step to applying for college is deciding what college you want to apply to. If you wanted to, you could apply to random colleges and hope to get into them, but if you know the specific field you want to go into then you would want to apply to colleges that offer that as a major. For example, I want to study criminal psychology and why criminals go down the path they do. I wouldn’t want to apply to colleges that don’t have psychology or criminology as a major or program.

         The second step is to decide if the school is a good fit for you. That includes are you able to afford it? Is the school realistic for you to go to? Do you like the campus lifestyle? Do you like the culture there? Do they offer the academic help you think you might need? There are so many factors to consider when applying. And a small tip would be if you don’t know where you want to go you can always apply to a community college. You have an almost guaranteed chance to get into community college and get your associate’s degree.

         The next step is to go to the colleges page that tells you all their information then go to the tab that says admissions. You always want to look at the undergraduate side since you are just getting out of high school (or if you want to wait a few years before you apply because you haven’t graduated from a college) and choose what you are. For most people it would be first time freshmen, then you would need to insert some basic information.

That information would just be your first and last name, birthday, and an email address. Once that is given it will send you a pin number to activate the account where you would then fill in the already given information and set a password.

After that, you want to start a new application. It will ask you all the important information such as your government name, what name you prefer, where you live, what you got on the ACT/ SAT (this isn’t required to put in for this specific school, but you will have a better chance at getting more money from scholarships), what your GPA is, other academic information, family relations, and other academic information. You also need to confirm that the information you provided was correct.

It’s important to remember that after you agree to that, and you submit your application you need to send your transcripts to the college you applied to. But that’s how you fill out applications.

Check back next semester where I will go over how to apply for scholarships.