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Northmen community, friends recall where they were that ‘fateful day’

To honor that day America will never forget on the 20th anniversary year, students from the Journalism 1, Journalism 1 Broadcast and Journalism 1 Photography classes interviewed faculty, staff, family and friends who could remember the Sept. 11, 2001, events.

These are their stories….

‘…like cattle pounding down the stairs.’

Bella Parrett, Journalism 1 reporter

My mom’s work friend, Rob Bujan, worked as director of operations at a behavioral heath insurance company, MHN, in the Trump Building on 40 Wall Street, about three blocks from the World Trade Center. “I was on a conference call with our Dallas office we heard there was a plane that hit the tower,” Bujan said. At the time, it was reported that the plane was a small commuter jet. “Next...

‘They kept playing the towers getting hit over and over again’

Isabel Ball, Journalism 1 Broadcast reporter

In this video, rookie reporter interviews a Kansas City resident regarding her memories of the Sept. 11 attacks of 20 years ago. ...

‘A lot changed that day…’

Trenity Goodyear, Journalism 1 Photography reporter

On September 11, the day that many remember as the day that changed America, Monica Goodyear was a 16-year-old unaware of the events that were about to unfold. Monica remembers being at home asleep at the time of the first attack. Waking up just before the second plane flew into World Trade Center. “I thought I was watching an action movie…” she said. As the second plane flew into the...

Crying for all of the souls

Ryver Galloway, Journalism 1 reporter

Amanda Carter was 14-years-old on one of the most tragic days in the U.S. She had just gotten to her homeroom class at North Kansas City High School when tragedy struck. She would usually be reading or drawing, and instead she watched as the twin towers fell. Even though she had not known anyone that was at the scene, she could not help but start crying for all of the souls that had gone through...

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