How Do Music Tastes Change?

Bela Parrett, Staffer

Looking around the classroom during worktime, it’s noticeable that the majority of people have some sort of music playing in their ears. whether it be headphones, Airpods or earbuds, many students listen to music for the whole school day. It’s also noticeable how music taste changes throughout the year. Sometimes its genre changes, and others, it’s the amount of music being listened to per day.

In a recent student body survey, 51.7% of students said their music taste changes with the seasons.

Graphic by Bela Parrett

“I don’t have a consistent change like, ‘oh, every spring I listen to this kind of music,’ but just kind of as the weather changes or there’s like a transition period, I go from listening to like a lot of, I don’t know, more Disney music into more 2000s throwbacks into, like 80s music,” said sophomore Eva Garcia.

Most students’ preferred music genre changes throughout the year, but also the amount of music being listened to. According to the poll, students listen to the most music in the winter, by 46.6%.

“Of course, I listen to music of what we play in the band. So during the summer I don’t really listen as much because we’re not really playing any music. Right?” junior Nicholas Divine said.

Students reported school can strongly affect their listening habits. Divine said he listens to music throughout work times at school. “I always listen to music when I do work, which I mostly do work at school. Not really at my house.”

He also said because of band, he listens to a lot more of the band music during school. This is true for many students in band classes.

“When we’re done with a concert we’re going to switch to a different music, then that new music will then become like, my new tastes I listen to,” Divine said.