Freshman Day

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By: Courtney Kelley

For the past 2 years freshman day has helped upcoming freshmen the day before school starts. This year with the way of the economy, this year freshmen day was optional.

“Incoming freshmen are usually nervous about the size of the school, locating their classes and lockers. If the economy gets turned in the right direction. I believe freshmen day benefits the students,” said social studies teacher Seth DeRose.
With a big turnout Friday, August 13 from one to three, students and parents gathered in the Big Gym receiving information and feel of what the first day of high school will be like.
“Freshman day has helped me find my classes and has helped me out a lot, also having upperclassmen friends, will help,” said freshman Justin Walker.
Leadership and Peer Helpers helped students find their way around school, find and open lockers, and find classes.
“As being a senior this year, my freshmen year would have been alot easier if i had upperclassmen help me around and been affered freshmen day,” senior Kris Reed.