Flood the Haunt


Rachel Prate

World’s of Fun has been open for nearly 50 years. Halloween Haunt opened in 2006.

Rachel Prate, writer/photographer

Did someone say there was “blood on the Bayou”?

The Halloween Haunt is the biggest event of the Worlds of Fun season. However, it hasn’t been in full action until this year due to the pandemic. But thankfully, the park saw numbers it hasn’t seen in a long time.

Alex Beals and Rebecca England

Brian McGannon, Worlds of Fun manager of communications and public relations, said this is the best year of Haunt Worlds of Fun has had over the past four years based on ticket sales and guest attendance.

The Haunt on Saturdays was said to be the busiest days, according to admission workers. And they have said it is also the most stressful because of the different waves of people at different hours of the day.

“We get a big rush right when security gates open, and then we get another rush around 11,” said senior Alejandro Barbosa. “And then we get a rush around six o’clock that lasts for about two and a half hours.”

Haunt was the busiest part of the season. But when there are more people in the park, there is a higher chance of conflict. According to rides operators, the Haunt at night was where the most fights happen.

“The worst situation I ever heard of was when there was a fight under Mamba,” said senior Le Jayden Mayo. “They were under Mamba’s low line, and they tracked all the way back to where Patriot was.”

Haunt was meant to be a good time for both visitors and employees.

Senior Sophia Eam said, “My favorite part about Haunt is just working with all my co-workers. Even though it’s stressful, we all work as a team.”