NEW 3D AP Studio Art Class

Last spring Oak Park 3D artists received good news, that they could demonstrate their 3D art skills in an AP class. 3D AP Art began its first class this year.

“The only prerequisite to take AP Studio Art is to have taken Art 1,” junior AP artist Ciara Carrel said, “ It’s preferred to have taken another art class such as 2D Media, Graphic Design, or 3D Media, but we do have AP artist in 2D and Drawing portfolios that have only taken Art 1 prior to this year.”
With only four students in the AP class and it being the first year, some difficulties have ensued.

“Since the 3D portfolio is new for Oak Park, it’s been, thus far, trial and error. This is also the first year that AP Studio Art is a one-year class in comparison to it having been a two–year course in past year. Everyone has been struggling with the time frame we are allowed to complete a single piece in,” Carrel said.

AP Art classes differ from regular AP classes because a test is not required to earn credit.

“In early May, students submit digital images of works of art for their 3-D Design portfolios. These works should demonstrate artistic growth and development. All portfolios are assessed by at least seven highly experienced studio art educators (AP Studio Art teachers or higher education faculty) who apply standardized scoring criteria,” CollegeBoard states.

The students put in a lot of work inside and outside of the classroom to prepare for finalzing their portfolio in May.

“On average, I work for about 6 hours on my art outside of class per week. Sometimes, it’s more and sometimes, it’s less. It just depends on the week,” Carrel said.

Through the struggles, students still enjoy the class. They are passionate about what they are doing and get along well.

“Just being in the room with the artists [is my favorite part of the 3D AP Studio Art class]. I think they’re all amazing and are so inspiring. It’s the only reason that I’m still sane,” Carrel said.