Introducing Small Cakes and Small Cones

Allee Armitage, Axe producer

I am sure many of you have heard of Small Cakes. (located at 6127 NW 63rd Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64151)It is small store with a theme color of pink that sells oversized cupcakes with a huge amount of frosting piles on top. They have over 15 flavors of cupcakes. They are also very delicious. I will not waste time talking about how many calories are in the the cupcakes; just know that you should probably go on a few runs after eating one.

But something new has sprung up on North Oak near Oak Park. (located at 4900 N Oak Trafficway #200, Kansas City, MO 64118) It is called Small Cones. It is identical to Small Cakes disregarding the name. I recently found out that Small Cones was created by the company of Small Cakes. But what is it? Well, it is the exact same except Small Cones also sells ice cream! What a wonderful addition to the Small Cakes family. After visiting there, I highly recommend it. Both are delicious but you might enjoy an ice cream cone more in the summer.