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Hidden Figures

A movie in review

Abigail Clapham, Axe producer

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Hidden figures is a movie based on 3 African American women working at NASA during the space race. It follows the story of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson as they took leaps across race, gender, and professional lines. They face demeaning coworkers who put them down because of who they are. Katherine is the first ‘colored’ woman in the space task group. Where she has to run to another building to use the restroom and has a ‘colored’ coffee pot. Mary goes to court to convince the judge to let her take night classes at an all white school to get her engineering degree. Dorothy teaches herself FORTRAN, a computing system, to keep her co-workers in a job.


Hidden figures is one of my new favorite movies. It has humor, history and impressive actors and actresses. I enjoyed watching a movie based off of true events. There was a good balance of humor and seriousness. Moments in the movie had you on edge to see what is next. I would definitely watch it again.

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