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Travel on Protects You

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Have you ever wondered why they invented the chip on your credit/debit cards? People can walk by you with a device in their pocket and steal all of your information. A wallet, Travel On, can protect all of your credit card information to where people won’t have the ability to steal anything.

“I think it’s stupid. I don’t see why it’s even necessary to make that little “improvement” on cards when the regular versions work just fine and are actually a lot safer,” said senior Olivia Wright.

Credit cards can now be protected by RFID technology which is used to keep your information protected from electronic pickpocketing.

“I don’t want people being able to see all of my personal information even though I don’t really carry anything around that has much personal information on it, but it would still be nice to have one to remind me that everything is safe,” said junior
Megan Long.

According to, RFID wallets only require aluminum foil to block people with the RFID scanners.

“I’m upset, man. Luckily, I don’t use my chip card that often,” said senior Maddie Kuykendall.

The Travelon wallet has the ability to keep your credit information, passport and your identity from being stolen. One of these wallets can be purchased for around $20 online.


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