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Chloe Gillespie and Salena Fajardo

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Many girls are afraid to ask their crush to a dance. Perhaps afraid they might make fun of them or turn them down. I was scared to ask someone to sadies last year. Now, however that I have a boyfriend I knew he wouldn’t turn me down.

There are many ways you can ask someone to sadies. I asked my boyfriend by writing “I’d be the mvp if I could catch you as my sadies date” on a baseball. On the other baseball I wrote “sadies 2017, grand slam or strike out.” (Grand slam meant yes and strike out meant no.) Sophomore, Paeton Bickett, asked her Sadie date by ordering pizza and writing “Sadies?” inside the box. Madi Waddell, another sophomore, made a poster of their favorite activity and proposed that way. There are also many other ways you can ask someone too. So come on girls ask your crush to the dance!

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