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Grace Burns, J1 writer

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Lady Oakies Basketball had a rough start of the season. This year some players were reluctant because of the change in the coaching staff and never tried out, also some after trying out later quit the team.

“There was a rumor going around that [coach Joel] Pabon was going to quit and everyone thought that the new coaches were going to be really hard so some of last year’s players quit and didn’t try out this year,” said sophomore Hannah Frazier.

With what players were saying last year no one would come to think that people would enjoy this year’s season, but some sophomores said they liked it.

“I do think that the coaches expect more of us this year but it makes us better as a team and we are a lot closer I think this year,” Frazier said.

Keeping grades up while also playing a sport all the time that demands so much from an athlete as a person.

“It’s pretty hard not going to lie. At the beginning of the season I quit for like two days because I got really stressed and I thought that my grades would drop and they’re hard to maintain because especially with JV and varsity you don’t get home until so late and then you have to do your homework,” said sophomore Mya Beck.

The coaches really try to motivate the players to get better and push them to be a good student and player.

“During practice we do passing, conditioning, the whole nine yards,”  says C-team coach Kelsey DeGeorge.

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