What was the senior prank?

story by Bailey Wilkerson


“Did someone really clog a toilet?!” asked junior Jomarie Circello.

“I heard there were over 700 bouncy balls bought and dumped on the freshman in the stair case,” said junior Marinda Mansell.

“Can you believe this noise?” asked the AP proctor listening to screaming outside a door labeled “Quiet Please. AP Testing”

For the Class of 2014, Monday, May 12, was not only their last day of school, but also their senior prank, however it did not go as planned.

Upon arriving to school, students noticed every parking spot had been taken on the east side by only a few vehicles. Cars were parked diagonally, some were completely parallel, taking up three spaces, and some were not in a parking space at all. Two cars were parked on the sidewalk, blocking exits to the school. This was a fire hazard, making this preapproved prank a potential danger to all.

Some may have thought this was funny, but most did not.

Senior Aubrey Walker said, “I had an AP test so I couldn’t park crazy, but I think that was kind of dumb.”

After learning the driver of one of the cars parked by a door refused to move, senior Katie Leimkuehler said, “I’m not going to do something that jeopardizes my chances of walking. It was fun, but not awesome, you know?”

Senior Kelli Reichert, who didn’t participate, said, “I didn’t want my car to get hurt.”

Sadly, this was the best the senior class could do. Throughout the rest of the day, some other “pranks” were attempted, but each ended before it even started.

There was rumor of a fight, between assistant principal Chris Sartain and senior Darrin Head, but Sartain ended the rock, paper, scissors battle in a matter of seconds.

There was a beach party with silly string at the top of the main stairs, next to an AP testing room, but thankfully it ended with in minutes.

There was also talk of TPing the school, people dressing up as Pac-man characters running though the halls, and a water balloon fight, but none of which ever came to play out.

So what was the senior prank? If one asks students in the senior class, he or she will receive numerous answers, but the parking ability of seniors will be the most common response. No bouncy balls were dumped on freshman, and the fight of the year never actually happened. A toilet may have been clogged, but it was not the doing of a mischievous senior.

So, to the juniors who now dominate Oak Park halls, best of luck; as it turns out, successfully pulling off a prank is harder than graduating.